When booking your tickets, please feel welcome to inform the Museum of your requirements.


Please feel welcome to use our designated accessible car parks located at the front of the Museum.


Our staff will assist you with mobility access, available through the lower shop doors under cover, to avoid the steps with the main entrance. Please advise our staff if you require elevator assistance within the Museum to access the Gum Room, Volunteers’ Hall mezzanine and upper level of the Otamatea Boarding House. All our bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.


The Museum has loan wheelchairs available for guest use.

App and audio

The Museum provides a mobile app and audio tour with wayfinding, some audio description and sensory activities. App content can be read using your mobile device screen reader. Please inform our staff if you need assistance with accessibility settings when using a Museum rental device.


The Kauri Museum is a sensory experience and touch is welcomed. Please take the time to run your hands along the different wood textures. You are welcome to climb in a Kauri bath or sit on the carved love seat. Enjoy the smells, including the sticky sweet gum in our treasure trove or the sawdust in the working mill.

2 thoughts on “Accessibility”

  1. The Kauri Museum is in the west coast village of Matakohe, Northland, New Zealand. The museum, to the south of the Waipoua Forest, contains many exhibits that tell the story of the pioneering days when early European settlers in the area extracted kauri timber and kauri gum. If you love kauri then this is the place to visit.

  2. Kauri Museum Visitor

    It was one of the best trips to see some for the most well persevered kauri history. Had a great time Thanks

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