What on earth is Tatty up to at the A&P Show?

The local Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) Show at Paparoa was one of the highlights of the annual social calendar for early settlers. First held in 1876 at Pahi, then rotating between Paparoa, Maungaturoto, Pahi and Matakohe, ‘the Show’ has been at its current location in Paparoa since 1890. In 1962, the Paparoa and Matakohe districts commemorated the centennial of the landing of the first settlers. The celebrations included the Centennial Show where many participants dressed in period costume.

Many of you may recall that the Smith Family of Totara House were partial to a good joke and Tatty was no exception. He was the ‘go-to’ person for any local occasion when a costumed character was required, but the annual A&P event required a bit more from the family jokester. There is always a large audience watching the shearing competition at the Show and in 1962 they were treated to an hilarious sight – Tatty at his best; dressed as a woman in wig, long skirt and apron, with broom in hand, impersonating a female shed hand of the previous century!

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